Demand Response

Get Rewarded by Selling Energy Back to the Grid

Across the country, commercial and industrial demand response programs are becoming available, allowing participants to generate value and profit from their current assets. Demand response provides energy consumers with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be rewarded for improving system operational efficiency and reliability by selling back supplementary energy to the grid, promoting grid stabilization during times of peak demand, volatility, or outages, and increasing energy independence.

Our automated and agile demand response technology installs wireless network-managed controllers that level your energy consumption by changing demand – transferring energy to important systems without interruption. This allows you to reduce your overall load and demand charge, or temporarily maintain operations until the grid rebalances, by using low-cost onsite generating.

You can take advantage of utility programs to create an additional cash stream through rebates or direct payments, depending on your total energy usage, square footage, and mechanical and HVAC systems.

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