Electricity and Natural Gas

Unique Solutions to Energy Challenges

Energy procurement and risk management pose distinct hurdles to organizations unlike any other product or service. There are many more factors to consider than a price comparison when evaluating all of your energy options.

Businesses are realizing that they need to rely on an energy consultant to uncover value, run more effectively, and stay competitive as the world undergoes a technology-driven energy transition. When it comes to procuring natural gas and electricity, having a thorough awareness of the links between pricing trends, past costs, and your energy use patterns is crucial. Using a data-driven approach and best-in-class tools to support our global-purchasing capacity, our specialized team of professionals has simplified the procurement process.

Because of our national perspective and contacts with the most qualified energy suppliers in the United States, we can provide each of our customers with a variety of supply options. With our comprehensive analysis, a customer can be confident that they are making the greatest energy procurement selections for their business.

Partners Breakdown

Green Energy

For customers that want to accomplish their sustainability goals and lower their carbon footprint.

This product allows customers to “become green” without having to invest in onsite infrastructure. Obtain energy from a green provider in the same manner that you have traditionally gotten your commodities. Renewable energy sources are used to generate energy. The rate will remain constant, giving you complete control over your energy budget.

Fixed Price

To reduce danger and safeguard your organization from market instability, lock in a low rate.

Utility costs, as well as supply and demand, will fluctuate over time, but your rate will remain consistent for the duration of your contract. You will have better control over your energy budget as a result of this. Customers seeking price security in an ever-changing marketplace can rest assured that they will have a fixed monthly energy price per unit of energy with this product.

Block & Index

For onsite energy managers who are confident in their ability to manage their energy load in the face of price volatility.

Customers receive a hybrid strategy that balances risk while allowing you to seize buying opportunities as they emerge. Set aside a portion of your load and deal with the rest later. Advanced buyers require a flexible alternative that allows them to customize their energy product based on how and when your company uses energy.

Managed Portfolio

For sophisticated energy customers who desire a hands-on approach to managing their energy demands from an energy professional.

Customers receive a virtual energy manager who is familiar with market trends, future pricing, and how you work in order to strike the optimal cost-management balance. Allow us to demonstrate the managed product platform so you can get a better understanding of the solution’s dynamics. Complex energy consumers want a solution that allows them to have an expert assist them through their energy options without incurring the cost of hiring a full-time onsite energy manager.