About Energy Consulting

Simply Energy’s team collaborates closely with your company to develop a client-specific, comprehensive energy strategy that takes into account your goals and objectives. The latest energy breakthroughs and technologies are then brought to you through our vast network of suppliers, energy efficiency experts, and renewable energy partners. Simply Energy’s energy experts can help you manage your energy spending and protect you from risk, whether you require a focused solution to a single issue or a wide plan to meet long-term growth. This energy operations and procurement consulting ensures that your house or business receives the greatest energy package possible.

Our Expertise


Energy Solutions

We’ll do all the legwork to identify the best solutions for all of your energy requirements.

Risk Management

To guarantee that your energy plan is adapted precisely to your needs, we develop a strategy based on your individual goals and objectives.

Green and Efficient

With technology always evolving, there are new, cutting-edge choices available to help our clients manage their energy costs.


Market Intelligence

Our energy adviser team’s extensive market expertise and attention to detail provide our clients with a sense of security.

Customer Care

Throughout the term of your energy provider, we are a constant resource for your company with anything that is required.

Timing is Everything

We assist you in determining the best moment to hedge by helping you comprehend market behavior and discover sweet spots.

Our Vision

Simply Energy’s mission is to provide the most reliable energy supply and operational consultancy at the lowest possible cost. We develop tailored strategies to satisfy our clients’ specific requirements and address their specific problems. Our consultants are professionals at identifying value and seizing opportunities to keep your company ahead of the pack. In an ever-evolving and growing energy world, our mission is to solve energy and operational problems through our global contacts. We take a holistic approach to problem-solving, evaluating your energy consumption and facilities to verify that your existing assets are performing optimally and that your energy consumption is being used in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Our energy consultants and advisers have built long-term partnerships with both our clients and service suppliers who rely on us to assist them to reach their business objectives since 1999. Our culture of honesty, professionalism and a supplier agnostic approach has allowed us to extend our global reach while maintaining our position as one of North America’s best energy operations consulting organizations.