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Simply Energy specializes in saving you money by negotiating the most competitive energy rates for your commercial or industrial business.  Through one of the largest networks of retail energy suppliers in America, we can reduce your energy supply costs by 15-20%.
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who is Simply Energy?

As professional energy consultants, we specialize in reducing your energy costs by negotiating lower electricity and natural gas rates for your commercial or industrial business.  And, if you have renewable energy goals, we can help you achieve those by ensuring that your electricity is being sourced from renewable energy production. 
If you’re interested in lowering your energy costs, without risk or hassle, one of our licensed energy consultants is ready to help!

Energy Procurement

If you live or work in a deregulated state, we can help reduce your energy costs by negotiating lower electricity and natural gas rates for you. Providing you with energy price protection, instant and future savings, and budget certainty.

Energy Efficiency

One of the fastest and most effective ways to reduce your energy costs is by reducing waste. By implementing simple and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions, you can substantially
reduce your overall energy spend. 


Today, every home and business across America shares a responsibility to be more sustainable. We have many different options that will help you be more sustainable while also saving money.








Energy deregulation allows you to choose your electricity and natural gas supplier, which can lead to significant energy savings.  As licensed energy consultants, we guide you through your entire energy savings journey. 

We know how to navigate the supplier landscape and
understand how to negotiate lower energy rates on your
behalf.  Our consultants can monitor your energy accounts along with energy market trends to detect opportune times to renew or extend your existing energy agreements, and are readily available to answer questions, help resolve any account or address changes, or resolve any disputes should they arise. 

A consultant is with you every step of the way to secure
affordable rates from reliable suppliers to help you save more than the average consumer, while avoiding all the hassle.

Here’s to the start of your energy savings journey! 

Energy savings

Learn AbouT
Energy Deregulation

To help you better understand your energy options, we provide education and resources about energy deregulation, energy choice, and information on how to save on energy by finding lower energy rates. 

The Benefits of Energy Deregulation

The Benefits of Energy Deregulation

What Are the Benefits of Energy Choice?Before jumping into the benefits of energy choice or energy deregulation, I thought it would be best to quickly recap what energy deregulation is.What is...

Which States Qualify for Energy Choice

Which States Qualify for Energy Choice

Is My State Deregulated?In order to save money by finding lower energy rates your home or business needs to be in a "deregulated state". But, how do you know if your state is deregulated? How do you...

How Does Energy Deregulation Work?

How Does Energy Deregulation Work?

What is Energy Deregulation?I’m in my thirties and I first heard about energy choice or energy deregulation just a few years ago. Having lived – and still living in – Florida, a state that has no...


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