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Utility Savings

Saving more is easy. Simply upload your most recent utility bill for a quick free analysis.

Utility Cost Recovery

More than 80% of utility bills contain a mistake. We assist in recovering funds that were spent in error.

Renewable Energy Procurement

Simply Energy is a leader in the field of in renewable energy procurement solutions.

What is
Simply Energy?

We specialize in lowering your energy bills for your commercial or industrial firm by negotiating reduced electricity and natural gas rates. Furthermore, if you have renewable energy goals, we can assist you in achieving them by guaranteeing that your electricity comes from renewable sources.

One of our registered energy consultants is ready to assist you if you’re interested in lowering your energy expenditures conveniently and without risk.

How It Works

We know how to negotiate reduced energy rates on your behalf and how to navigate the supplier market. Our advisors can keep an eye on your energy accounts and market trends to see when it’s time to renew or extend your current energy contracts, and they’re always accessible to answer questions, assist with account or address changes, and handle any disputes that may arise. A consultant will work with you every step of the process to acquire low rates from reputable vendors, allowing you to save more money than the average customer while avoiding the inconvenience. Here’s to the start of your energy savings journey!


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